Antique Straight Razor

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Antique J A  Henckels Twin Works Solingen Germany New York Straight Razor Vacuum

Antique J A Henckels Twin Works Solingen Germany New York Straight Razor Vacuum


ANTIQUE COMFORT Straight RAZOR Solingen GERMANY  BOX Friedrick Baurmann

ANTIQUE COMFORT Straight RAZOR Solingen GERMANY BOX Friedrick Baurmann


Antique F Herder Abr Sohn  Solingen Straight razor in Sacramento box

Antique F Herder Abr Sohn Solingen Straight razor in Sacramento box


Antique J A  Henckels Twin Works Solingen Germany New York Straight Razor

Antique J A Henckels Twin Works Solingen Germany New York Straight Razor


Vintage Antique STRAIGHT RAZOR  x2 Germany France

Vintage Antique STRAIGHT RAZOR x2 Germany France


BIG antique Hunter straight razor   Richmond   oriental characters   horn scales

BIG antique Hunter straight razor Richmond oriental characters horn scales


Antique straight razor   FINEST SHEFFIELD STEEL   Noble Price

Antique straight razor FINEST SHEFFIELD STEEL Noble Price





Antique Ornate Colorful Peacock Staight Razor Excellent  A F  Bannister Newark

Antique Ornate Colorful Peacock Staight Razor Excellent A F Bannister Newark


Antique WADE   BUTCHER SHEFFIELD 3 4 Straight Razor With Celluloid Scales

Antique WADE BUTCHER SHEFFIELD 3 4 Straight Razor With Celluloid Scales


Antique Kraut   Dohnal Straight Razor With Box Chicago Made in Germany

Antique Kraut Dohnal Straight Razor With Box Chicago Made in Germany


Straight razor vintage old antique

Straight razor vintage old antique


Razor  Rocket Vintage Antique Cut Throat Straight Razor Shave Ready Barber Shop

Razor Rocket Vintage Antique Cut Throat Straight Razor Shave Ready Barber Shop


Antique H Boker Straight Razor Pearl Tang Warldorf   H  Boker Knife Co  Germany

Antique H Boker Straight Razor Pearl Tang Warldorf H Boker Knife Co Germany


Antique Horn Handle Straight Razor

Antique Horn Handle Straight Razor


Fancy Antique French Straight Razor

Fancy Antique French Straight Razor


Antique W Taylor Corporate Mark X Q SITE Straight Razor 6 8  Swayback Blade Box

Antique W Taylor Corporate Mark X Q SITE Straight Razor 6 8 Swayback Blade Box


AMAZING FIND  Very Rare   Antique Pre1800 s German Steel LIMRICK Straight Razor

AMAZING FIND Very Rare Antique Pre1800 s German Steel LIMRICK Straight Razor











Antique Wade   Butcher Straight Razor  Wood Handle

Antique Wade Butcher Straight Razor Wood Handle





2 Antique Vintage W H  Morley   Sons Clover Brand Germany Straight Razor W Boxes

2 Antique Vintage W H Morley Sons Clover Brand Germany Straight Razor W Boxes


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